Façade is like ‘skin of the building’. It’s an expression of what’s inside; the first impression that shapes the way for things further on. More than just an ornamental packaging, it is a responsive element that protects the building, controls the temperature, moisture and ultimately the comfort of its occupants. It defines the building’s aesthetic value and performance.

Modern Facades are a shaping the urban environment by interfacing between interior and exterior space. Concept Systems brings a range of innovative facades and building envelopes to help you determine the identity, character and expression of your building.

At Concept Systems, we help you identify and choose the best façade solution for your building; be it residential, commercial, educational or public property. From determining the performance goals like enhancing durability to achieving energy efficiency with double skin ventilated façade, from optimizing views to increasing comfort and productivity of the property end-users, we help you reposition your brand.

Our team has requisite knowledge and technical experience in materials, building performance and systems, design concepts solutions. As a trusted partner leading global giants in the architectural industry, Concept Systems has implemented many projects successfully. We offer a range of innovative façade and exterior panels for cladding from decorative high pressure laminates, ceramic facade cladding, metal facade cladding (Aluminum, Steel and Copper), wooden cladding and metal wire mesh facade cladding. Read more in the sections below.

High performance building envelope enclosure  

Decorative High Pressure Laminates from Trespa made out of thermosetting resins.

Ceramic exterior panels from terracotta made out of clinker clay.

Versatile Steel and Aluminum mesh solutions from Meshtec

Striking copper exterior panels and perforated mesh from TECU