Exterior Panels ~ Terracotta

Ceramic Ventilated Façade systems

Excellent aesthetics with Natural ventilation

Concept Systems offers an innovative façade material- ceramic, which has proven its weather resistance and aesthetic properties across the globe for more than 30 years now. We have partnered with the Spanish leader in ceramic facades, terracotta, to offer exterior ventilated facades in ceramic. Made out of clinker clay, these facade panels are great thermal insulators and act as a protection jacket against rain, sun and snow.

Flexible Personality
Achieve modern personality projects with flexible Extruded Clinker Clay by combining with materials such as Aluminum, stainless steel, glad, wood.
Buildings with performance
The internal cellular chambers ensure thermal insulation of up to 3-4 degrees; offer very good sound insulation and reduces water intrusion as well.
Innovative & Secure Attachment
The walling system anchoring the panels is very easy to erect, using fasteners without any cutting or drilling.

More Advantages

01Be proud of using Green buildings concepts from Concept Systems.

Ventilated Façade systems made of extruded clinker clay have built-in insulation technology that helps in considerable energy savings and reduces CO2 emissions. Moreover, the panels can be entirely recycled.

02Scratch proof, warp free and also graffiti proof.

The panels are easy to maintain and clean and are graffiti proof.

03Variety of colors, shades and finishes.

Available in plain and double tone shades | Matt, Glossy and rustic finishes and color Customization option

04Colors guaranteed for life.

The surface of panels is fire-glazed and the colors are guaranteed for life.

Ceramic Facades from Concept Systems are an innovative construction system, rapidly revolutionizing modern buildings and is the one of the best valued by architects. Read more about the panel sizes and finishes, guaranteed for performance.
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