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Challenge the Weather
A consistently popular choice for both interior and exterior, Wooden Doors and Windows add natural warmth and beauty, enhancing the look and feel of your home or commercial space along with providing sturdiness.  Now, with the availability of durable and weather resistant Processed All-Natural Real Wood you can challenge the climate whilst also maintaining luxury and premium aesthetics.

At Concept Systems, we have partnered with RitikaaWood to offer you the most reliable, extremely weather-proof Acetylated wood - Accoya® wood, developed after a research of 80 years. The world’s leading high-technology wood has proven performance with its superior characteristics. We offer High Performance Wood Products for various applications like Doors and Windows, Rain screening or Cladding, Flooring, Decking, Facades and Structures.

Complement the premium furnishing of your commercial building | farmhouse | residential apartment | home with All-Weather, All-Natural Wood Solutions. Enquire now


  • Make a bold statement of your style with lasting natural appearance

100% FSC/PEFC certified real-wood with Superior UV (Sunlight) Resistance

  • Live life without worries with a Tried & Tested Wood

Proven Class-1 durability, surpassing even teak, redwood or hardwoodTested over prolonged periods in all types of weathering conditions – above ground, below ground and even in waterAbility to withstand the toughest of external environments

  • Enjoy a lifestyle for all seasons

Open the doors and windows effortlessly year round. Our wood products are Dimensionally Stable with swelling/shrinkage of wooden reduced by 75% and more, are resistant to pests and fungal decay

  • Ensure peace of mind with guarantee of performance

Concept Systems offers products that are long-lasting. With 50 year lifetime guarantee on the wood and 5 years warranty on the finishes, rest assured of performance and long-life.


  • Proudly Smile with  satisfaction of contribution to environment

All our wooden application solutions use a greener substitute. Be happy to be using naturally renewable green material: Accoya® acetylated wood; for your construction applications as our products are Gold seal products approved by U.S. Green Building Council