Give an edge to your building with our Cutting Edge Designs.

At Concept Systems, we provide you innovative solutions so that your building can have an edge over the others. Add a
distinctive personality to your building using Meshtec, Steel and Aluminum Perforated Mesh Solutions from Spain.

Perforated Mesh, whether used in interior or exterior, creates a dialogue between spaces; providing a mask of secrecy and
security and keeping temperature and brightness at a pleasant and practical level. We offer unique concepts solutions by integrating different textures and alloys to allow architects and designers to explore the potential of Perforations to tell stories and create statements.

Meshtec architectural meshes add beauty, elegance and security to the interior or exterior of any structure. These innovative products can be used not only for cladding or false ceilings but also to separate and decorate whatever environment. Prepare to be surprised with the contemporary effects a perforated mesh can lend to your building, whether residential, commercial or public space.


Concept Systems provides metal systems that are ideal for cladding shopping malls, schools, car parks, industry headquarters, plant areas, soffit areas and interior features.


For outdoors, the most popular material is aluminum. Meshtec is powder coated to ensure high durability in the toughest of environmental conditions or anodized according to the architectural requirement.

Meshtec for facades adds dynamics and aesthetic perspective to any building. These facades can enhance both the visual and functional value of public places.

An innovative light-weight façade solution for complex architectural structures

Lend a fresh look & protect your structure from the harsh glare of the sun using perforated mesh from Concept Systems

At Concept Systems, we provide a wide range of architectural mesh solutions in expanded or perforated metal, woven wire mesh and wire curtains. Details of the product specifications can be found the brochure.