Green Practices

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Staying at the forefront of technological change has a bigger dimension at Concept Systems. For us, it means advancing towards the green building movement. Sustainable actions and green practices are part of our corporate philosophy.

Right from building planning to fabrication and installation of façade and fenestration solutions, we are committed to sustainable building solutions by offering Insulated wall claddings and energy efficient doors and windows, roofing solutions.  Many of our products are LEED certified or marked Green by renowned organizations. Concept Systems’ takes pride in employing products, partners and practices that are dedicated to sustainable building.

With Concept systems, you can be part of a something greater. Not only by saving carbon credits and helping to maintain the ecological balance but also by offering generations to come with safe building and healthy future and cutting down the building’s operating and maintenance costs.

We are dedicated to use green technologies for façade, fenestration solutions design and engineering and providing green cost-effective solutions as an innovative alternative to modern building materials.